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“It was love at first sight!”

Wedding photo

After 65 years of marriage, Tea Tree Gardens Retirement Village residents Doug and Isobel Burnside are still very much in love.

“We first met when we were just 17 at a big brass concert in Adelaide,” Doug remembers.

“I was a bit shy but as soon as I saw Isobel across the room, it was love at first sight!”

Isobel was less convinced, joking that she only agreed to marry Doug because he “stuck to me like chewing gum”.

After four years of dating, the couple were married on 1st September 1956 and went on to build a strong and lasting relationship founded on mutual respect, affection and humour.

Doug and Isobel recently marked their 65th wedding anniversary with a quiet celebration and many fond wishes from family and friends.

Isobel and Doug

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