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Village bus

For shopping trips, lunch outings and day trips.

Many RetireAustralia villages provide a private bus service to take residents to nearby shopping centres, out to lunch or to see local attractions.

This service is particularly useful for those who do not drive and the bus trips are scheduled for the same time each week so that residents can plan their days accordingly. The village bus picks residents up from a central point within their village and drops them off again at the same place.

Some villages that are geographically close share a bus and this can provide another way to make new friends.

Please note: Each village offers a range of services tailored to their residents’ requirements and not all services are available at all villages. Please speak to our sales team for more information.
To make life easy, many of RetireAustralia’s villages offer a private, door-to-door bus service that will pick you up at your village and to take you to do your shopping or on outings to local attractions.

What are the benefits?


Door-to-door service for you to run errands.


A service exclusive to RetireAustralia residents.


Day trips offer a great way to make new friends.