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How much will it cost me to live in the retirement village?

Our retirement villages are resident funded villages. This means that residents contribute to the costs associated with the day-to-day and ongoing management and maintenance of the village. This is an effective way of ensuring that facilities and services, that would normally be out of reach of most people, are available.

As a resident, you will be required to pay a maintenance fee, which covers the running costs of the village e.g. day-to-day village management and administration, general village maintenance, council rates, insurance, security costs and gardening.

The maintenance fee generally also includes a contribution to a fund that is used for major maintenance and repair of the retirement village’s capital items, ensuring that there are always sufficient funds available to cover repair and maintenance works.

Personal services charges are services supplied or made available to residents and are usually those services such as laundry, meals and cleaning which are provided to residents residing in a serviced apartment. Most villages will also provide these services to residents residing in an independent living unit, on a user pays basis.