30 reasons to celebrate

Noyea Riverside was buzzing with excitement as residents and staff gathered to celebrate the village’s 30th birthday in November.

Noyea Riverside Retirement Village - 30th birthday

Village Manager Giselle Spice said the celebration paid tribute to former owners, managers, staff and residents.

“We were thrilled that Alison Herbst, the original owner and manager of Noyea Riverside attended,” Giselle said.

Ms Herbst, whose family owned the land from 1903, recalled the rich history of the site from its origins as a sugar plantation through to it being used as an emergency airstrip during World War II.

“The retirement village was developed in 1986, and I’m really happy that some of our earliest former residents, who have since moved into care, were able to join us and celebrate the important milestone,” Ms Herbst said.

“The entire Noyea community enjoyed the party and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our beautiful village and the happy residents who make it such a fantastic place to live!” Giselle added.

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