3 key rooms that can maximise your home value

Selling your home requires a lot of planning, so, once you’ve made the decision to move you should begin preparing immediately.

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Naturally you’ll want to achieve the highest price for your home, and while the prospect of renovating can be daunting, it’s possible to add significant value without a huge amount of work or financial outlay.
While there are many ways you can add value, the three key rooms that can maximise your home’s value are:
1. Entryway/front door
Not exactly a room, but vital nonetheless. Many prospective buyers make up their minds about a property within seconds of entering, so first impressions are everything. A few simple changes can make a big difference.
Making sure the doorbell is working, replacing a flimsy door handle with something more solid, and re-painting or varnishing a front door can make a big difference for a small cash injection.
Lighting in the entryway is important as it sets the mood. Bland, recessed lights can be replaced with chandeliers, and a dimmer switch can help create the perfect atmosphere. Windows and curtains should be opened to let in as much natural light and fresh air as possible (weather permitting).
Considering what’s underfoot is also essential. If your carpet is looking a little worse for wear, place some neutral-coloured rugs in strategic positions.
2. Kitchen
Updating a kitchen is often the most successful way to add value to a property. The kitchen is the heart of the home and, along with the bathroom, can be the biggest decisive factor in a sale. A well-designed, modern kitchen is appealing as it allows residents to picture themselves moving in and using it immediately.
Stainless steel and quartz countertops convey modernity, and clean, uniform cabinetry gives a fresh and coordinated look. If cabinetry can’t be replaced in full, its façade can be updated with much the same result.
New paint on walls can give a clean, fresh feel, and space can be maximised by removing a kitchen island. New, modern fixtures and fittings can also add considerable value.
3. Bathroom
Industry opinion is universal on the benefits of renovating a bathroom: doing so will greatly increase the likelihood of selling your home. Like the kitchen, buyers expect the bathroom to be up-to-date so they can move in and begin using it straight away.
Bathrooms can be improved greatly without too much of a financial injection. A good bathroom should be both functional and fresh looking.
Modern, stylish fixtures and fittings are essential. Old or worn out floors can be replaced with a neutral-coloured vinyl. Tiles can easily be re-grouted or replaced, and a fresh coat of paint on walls can make a huge difference with minimum effort and financial outlay.
Cleaning out drains and exhaust fans, and fixing small chips in ceramic can improve the overall feel and look, as can a prefabricated bath surround. Old light fixtures can be replaced to create a more modern feel.
Too much hassle?
If you find the above fixes all too daunting, or simply don’t have the time and money to get the required fixes done, the Sellable option might be suitable for you.
With Sellable, you can move out on a day that suits you and Sellable will pay you upfront for your property. Sellable will arrange and manage all the repairs after you have moved out.
Sellable will also invest in improvements to uplift the value of your property, and will give you a majority of any additional upside made upon the sale of your property.
If you’d like more information, give the Sellable team a call on 1300 722 910, visit their website, or send them an email at help@sellable.com.au

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