An insight into acupuncture

Acupuncture is gaining popularity in Australia so we sat down with registered practitioner, Jon Rose, to find out exactly where it all started and what it might offer you.


Q: How did the practice of acupuncture originate?

Jon: Ancient Chinese practitioners believed there to be a system within the body that allowed the flow of a person’s vital energy. When this energy was moving freely, smoothly and in good quantity, the body was in good health. However, if there was any interference with the energy flow, or it was deficient, one would experience ill health. By locating specific acupuncture point combinations, these practitioners began to help people maintain their balance of vital energy to prevent illness.

Q: How is acupuncture different to conventional western medicine?

Jon: Acupuncture is very much a holistic medicine so we try to focus not only on a patient’s symptoms but what may be causing them as well. This means that if you are visiting about some arthritic pain in your knee, you will also be asked about your energy levels, sleep, digestion, mood, emotions, body temperature and so on.

Q: How do you diagnose what treatment someone requires?

Jon: We use very traditional diagnostic measures in combination with an in-depth health assessment. One of our diagnostic measures is to look at a person’s tongue, taking note of the shape, size, colour, geography and coating. This gives us a good view as to what’s going on in the body and is a direct reflection of digestive function. Another traditional diagnostic measure is to feel the pulse on both wrists. In this evaluation we are feeling pulse characteristics to discover more about certain areas of the body, organs and overall balance of health.

Q: Is acupuncture painful?

Jon: The most common question I have been asked is “does it hurt?” I am always pleased to assure my clients that when receiving a treatment from a registered acupuncturist, the treatment should not be painful. Our needles are extremely thin, as thin as a single strand of hair, and most people don’t even feel the needles’ insertion.

Q: How do people feel after receiving acupuncture treatment?

Jon: Once the needles are in, some patients will feel light sensations like tingling, others warmth and some even get a dull pulsing feeling around the site of the acupuncture point, none of which are uncomfortable. In most treatments, people become relaxed quite quickly and one of the known effects of acupuncture is to cause an endorphin rush which brings on an overall calmness.

Q: Which illnesses can acupuncture treat?

Jon: Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine has been shown to treat a wide range of conditions and, as more research is undertaken, the list continues to grow.
Jon Rose is a Brisbane-based acupuncturist with 10 years’ clinical experience in Australia and internationally. Jon is accredited with the AHPRA and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and can be contacted on 1300 633 385 or

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