COVID-19 Update Murray Gardens Retirement Village

Victoria entered a seven-day lock down at 11.59 pm on Thursday 27 May to help contain an outbreak of COVID-19 that has spread across the state.


For NSW residents living along the Victorian border, the seven-day stay-at-home requirement will only apply to people who have been outside the border region in Victoria since 4 pm, Thursday 27 May. The border communities are defined by the map which was used for the previous ‘bubble’ arrangements.


It’s a shame this step had to be taken but we’ve been in this situation before, we know how to handle it, and we’ll be doing everything possible to keep all our residents safe, comfortable and connected during this time.


What does this mean for the Murray Gardens community?

We have previously learnt that the risk is high when Victorian lockdowns are announced and people rush to get over the border before midnight. So yesterday we swiftly implemented precautionary measures in the village. Here’s what they mean for visitors and residents:


Visitors and returning residents:

  • If you have been in Victoria since 12 May, even if it is a part of the border bubble, please notify the Village Manager and check the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services website regularly to see if you have visited any of these venues of concern.
  • The front gate is closed and we are proactively screening visitors to ensure our village remains a safe haven for our residents. Visitors, please buzz the intercom on arrival.
  • Sales visits have been paused.


Community centre and care apartments

  • The community centre is closed and all activities have been paused.
  • Our team are wearing masks in the community centre and care apartments when physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  • Independent living residents are having meals delivered to their units.


We’ll get through these restrictions the same way we got through the previous ones: with care for those in our village community, respect for the guidelines to keep everyone safe, and as much good humour as possible.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We will continue to monitor the situation over the next few days and notify you if anything changes.


Useful links

  • NSW specific COVID-19 information and advice

Call Service NSW 24 hours, 7 days a week 13 77 88

  • NSW/ VIC Border Regions

  • Latest COVID-19 case locations in VIC

  • Latest COVID-19 case locations in NSW

  • COVID-19 testing clinics in NSW

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