Make your sea change successfully

Making a sea change is a popular way for retirees to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy their retirement at a more relaxed pace. From the calming ocean mist that sprinkles on your face during a morning stroll to the endless boutiques and cafés that line the streets, there’s no doubt it is an idyllic lifestyle.

However, a holiday visit to your desired area won’t always represent what everyday life will be like and it’s worth delving a little deeper into the realities of long-term coastal living.



Australia’s coastal towns are notorious for being popular holiday destinations, so if you are considering calling one of these places home, be prepared for the heavy traffic and tourists that populate the area during the busy season. This has further knock-on effects on fuel pricing, local parking, and the general vibe of the area. On the other hand, if you’ve only visited during the summer holidays, you may be surprised when things get quiet during the colder seasons. It’s worth experiencing your desired living area during different parts of the year so you know what to expect.


If you are moving to a quiet area, you may need to be more reliant on your vehicle to get around. It’s important to know how you will access essential services like shopping centres or health facilities on a daily basis and whether they will still be easy to access if you have to stop driving. It’s also worth considering whether making a sea change will require you to travel more to visit family and how often you will need to make the trip.

Cost of living

Living on the coast often comes with a price tag. Without the option of large department stores or franchises, your usual budget might not cut it anymore and you may need to modify it to suit the local market prices. However, there is a positive flip side in knowing that you may be supporting local small businesses.

Give yourself time to adjust

Finally, if you do decide to make the move, give yourself time to adjust, especially if it is a significant change from your previous lifestyle. As with any big life change, it may feel a bit unnatural and uncomfortable until you truly settle in. At these times, take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember why you fell in love with the coast in the first place.
Making the sea change might be the best decision you ever make, but you need to make sure you’re making the right decision for you. Ensure you are basing your decision off realistic expectations so you can enjoy your retirement with no regrets!

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