Warming to winter fashion

As the climate cools, our wardrobe choices have to change. However, this doesn’t mean that style and fashion goes out the door! We spoke to designer Karen Cornelius from Black Pepper on staying fashionably warm this winter. Here’s what she had to say:

A great starting point for layering up this winter is selecting a base colour from our wide choice of classic skivvies and pairing them with the warmth of a padded detail microfibre vest. Our customers love colour so the range always has a wide colour spectrum on offer. This season, the stand-out colours are warm Madras oranges as well as rich jewel tones like Opulence purple to brighten up those dull winter days. Durable easy wear and easy care fabrics are adorned with colourful stripes, intricate textures and detailing to suit any mood.
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To ensure you have a winter outfit for every occasion, co-ordinated ranges are a great option. Our Black Pepper design team have developed a wider range of dressier styles this season encapsulating elegance with the soft Cervina Georgette shirt, the smart Lena jacket or beautifully detailed Avila cardigan. Alternatively dress up any of our classics like the Roma or Bi-Stretch pant with a statement scarf to inject both warmth and colour.
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When it comes to being warm and cosy, it’s important to seek unique fabrications, which keep the cold out. The plush lined Peninsula coat with soft plush fleece hood is our favourite for stylish winter warmth. For an indoor option, our ever popular Snowy Mountain Fleece jackets will become your chilly wardrobe staple. These are great worn with a coordinating Winterlock top or a bright complementing striped long sleeved top like the vibrant Jubilee pink and Ink Iowa Top.
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For your nearest Black Pepper store visit www.blackpepper.com.au/storelocator/ or freecall 1800 001399.
Enjoy Life, Live Comfortably.
Black Pepper has a long history spanning over 40 years, with a tradition of producing quality classic casual wear with a superior comfort fit. The brand has become synonymous with a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, perfect for those who appreciate fresh air, socialising and exploring.

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