When life gives you pumpkins, make soup!

When a Glengowrie resident recently discovered a pumpkin vine had sprung up unexpectedly in her garden, a pop-up delivery service was born.

Village Manager Debbie Dean decided to use the opportunity to make home-made pumpkin soup for all the residents.

She and the team whipped up 50 litres of delicious soup and delivered lunch to more than 100 takers at Glengowrie and Scarborough Mews. To add to the fun, they dressed as a pumpkin, chef, waiter and Uber driver – and delivered soup from the comfort of their golf cart with a megaphone at the ready.

The delivery service was such a hit that the team recently expanded their offering for a Lasagna Lunch, complete with home-made garlic bread.

Watch this space to see what’s next!

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