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Top 5 reasons people move into a retirement village

Curious to know why people choose a retirement village? We’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons people make the move.

Top tips to make the move

While the prospect of sorting through a lifetime of possessions and memories might seem overwhelming, we’ve put together a list of handy tips to make the process easier.

Top tips for selling your home

As seen in Ageless: The team at Sellable are experts at selling houses and have shared their top tips.

What to expect moving into a retirement village

The seven stages every new resident goes through when they decide to move into a retirement village.

Everything you need to know about wills

Nearly half of Australians die without leaving a will, so if you haven’t gotten around to writing your will, you’re not alone.

Decorating tips for your retirement unit

When you first move into a retirement village, it can take some time before your new dwelling really feels like home.

4 key considerations when using a relocation loan

If you’re considering a relocation loan to move to a retirement village, there are four key things to be aware of.

Getting ready for retirement

RetireAustralia’s new ‘Retire Ready’ program covers all aspects of life in a retirement village.

Expert advice: downsizing tips

Industry experts Care to Move offer advice on how to downsize and make your move to a retirement village as easy as possible.

Taking the downsizing plunge

Starr Partners Property Consultant Ian Morgan talks us through his top retirement downsizing tips.