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Lifetime of service recognised

Newling Gardens resident Thelma McCarthy has mixed with Prime Ministers, been a well-recognised advocate on women’s issues, and opened many of Armidale’s public buildings.

‘It’s nothing like a nursing home’

When visitors come to Glengara Care, their first remark is almost always that it’s nothing like a nursing home. And that’s what is so appealing for our residents too.

Enjoy peace of mind at Glengara Care

At Glengara Care apartments, our aged care residents enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re helping to ensure their wellbeing during the current pandemic.

Four days and ‘the right vibes’ change Hilton’s life

Glengara Care is a new premium and positive alternative to aged care and is setting a new benchmark on the Central Coast – as Hilton Scott, one of the newest residents has found.

Hobby farmer grows village garden

Carlyle Gardens resident Les Mills has transformed some vacant land into a flourishing 4,000 square metre community garden.

Love lost and found at Drayton Villas

For one Drayton Villas resident, the retirement village is not only home, but the spot in which his first love blossomed.

Community spirit blooms at Bartonvale Gardens

A sensory rose garden created by nearly 50 residents is producing more than stunning blooms – it’s cultivating community spirit.

Helping those in the line of fire

It’s been three months since Newling Gardens Village Manager Sue Nelson has been able to see her house from the garden, such is the intensity of the smoke that hangs heavy across Armidale. Fire has ravaged the town for months,

What People Say After Entering a Retirement Village

What do you picture when you think of a retirement village? If you envision a place where life moves slowly and the energy is low, it’s time to think again.

Life in Carlyle Gardens is a breeze – with ocean breezes to boot

Like honey to a bee, Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village attracts residents from all over the world, who seek out sunshine, ocean breezes, and a relaxed beachside lifestyle. Take Noel and Judy Bowman, who have lived in Carlyle Gardens for almost

Betty Bird celebrates 85th birthday with two European gold medals

Torrens Grove resident Betty Bird celebrated her 85th birthday in July as the European table tennis champion, coming home from the European Veterans Championships in Budapest with not one, but two gold medals.

‘We’re so thankful we planned early’

“If you leave it too late, the decision gets made for you.” That’s the advice from Gordon Crawford, when asked about his decision to move into retirement living earlier than many friends and family advised.