Category: Health & wellbeing

Residents embrace puppy power and yoga hour

You’ll find a downward-facing dog pose included in most yoga classes, but it’s a popular puppy called Pablo helping residents find calm at The Verge.

Recognising the signs of a stroke

Recognising the signs of a stroke by thinking and acting F.A.S.T can make a big difference to a person having a stroke. It can be the difference between life and death.

Residents and chef collaborate on menu

Executive chef Craig Etches is transforming meal times at Glengara Care apartments, serving up fine-dining dishes to gourmet-loving residents.

5 simple steps to prevent falls

As we get older, natural changes to our bodies mean that we’re more likely to fall. The good news is that falls can be prevented.

Paddock-to-plate cooking the magic ingredient

Our Executive Chef Craig Etches is a passionate foodie and is leading the way with his paddock-to-plate approach to cooking.

“The first step is the hardest”

Wellington Manor resident Marty outlines the benefits of incorporating some gentle exercise into your day, and gives his tips for how to get started.

Delight in a delicate Christmas dessert

Glengara Care’s Head Chef, Craig Etches, shares his favourite Christmas recipe – poached pear frangipane tart served with seasonal berries.

Tips to avoid getting scammed

With a recent uptick in scams across Australia, we’ve put together some tips to spot a scam and keep yourself, your finances and your identity safe.

A heart-warming recipe for winter

Cook at Lincoln Grove, Michelle Malone, favours spice this winter with her delicious Thai sweet potato soup.

Top 5 tips for good health this winter

Care Manager, Sharon Stuart-Gray, shares a typical day at Glengara Care and her top tips on staying healthy during winter.

Smiles for miles in a kitchen with heart

Head Chef at Belrose Country Club, Brad Milligan, shares his favourite winter warmer recipe – braised beef cheeks with salsa verde.

5 tips for your winter garden

With more than 25 years under his gardening belt, Noyea Head Gardener Scott Herse has you covered this winter. Here are his tips to keep your garden fresh.