Community spirit shining bright at Tea Tree Gardens

Modern retirement villages offer a sense of togetherness and social connection just like suburban communities of yesteryear, says Tea Tree Gardens resident, Anne Miller.

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Anne, who moved to an independent living unit three years ago with her husband, Derek, said life at Tea Tree Gardens reminds of her neighbourhoods of old.

“When we moved to our old house in 1970, where we lived for 45 years, everybody would sit out in the garden until it was time to go to bed,” she said.

“We would sit in each other’s gardens every night and maybe have a drink while the kids would play together, but as the years went by, everyone got air-conditioning and stayed in, and it changed so much that we didn’t know the people any more.

“Here, you see your neighbours every day – it’s a really good life.”

Tea Tree Gardens offers expansive onsite facilities, including a community centre with a barbecue area, billiards and table tennis tables, an arts and crafts area, a swimming pool and spa, and salon, and a popular men’s shed.

Relationships with people we care about are an important part of promoting good mental and physical health and can prevent feelings of loneliness, especially as we age, says beyondblue.

Regular social activities and events help to foster a strong sense of community at the Hope Valley village.

“There’s so much going on,” Anne said.

“I go to everything that interests me, and Derek goes down to the men’s shed every morning at 9am.”

For Anne, the sense of community at the village makes every day better.

Tea Tree Gardens is a very, very friendly place,” she said.

“Whoever walks past or drives past waves or says good morning or good afternoon.”

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