Connecting across generations at The Laurels

The Laurels Retirement Village has seen a coming-together of generations as students from Mount Barker’s Cornerstone College have been visiting as part of their ‘Legacy’ class.

Cornerstone College The Laurels 1

The Year 12 students and residents have been playing carpet bowls, board games and pool, chatting over a cup of tea, and enjoying the community garden together.

The college’s Lead Counsellor, Mr. Matthew Schirmer, said the get-togethers are a great way for the children to “give back” to the community.

“By focussing on an area they are passionate about, or have specific skills in, the students connect with others who have a need in this area, thus leaving a legacy,” he said.

“The connections made across generations also give our students a greater perspective on life.”

The Laurels’ Village Manager, Sharyn Blows, said residents have been greatly enjoying opportunities to discuss their childhoods and schooldays.

“Everyone has enjoyed the visits and we look forward to many more,” she said.

Mr. Schirmer said students are looking forward to connecting even more with residents at the village.

“They have commented on how refreshing it has been to hear stories from the past and compare what life was like as a teenager then to now,” he said.

“We have also been given some beautiful flowers from one of the residents, which the students have planted at the college as an ongoing reminder and celebration of our connection with The Laurels.”

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