Dam expansion keeps village water-wise

The dam at Noyea Riverside has recently been expanded, so now the extensive village grounds can flourish without town water.

Noyea Riverside dam

Residents at Noyea Riverside Retirement Village are such champions of sustainable living that they recently advocated for the expansion of their on-site dam.

Following a recent upgrade, the dam now holds 650,000 litres, or an additional two months’ water supply. This allows the community to be self-sufficient in maintaining their extensive gardens without any town water, quite a feat given the village grounds span 20 acres on the banks of the Albert River!

Village Manager Darren Adams says the residents at Noyea Riverside are very environmentally aware and mindful of their own water use. “The Body Corporate made the decision to expand the dam, to shore up our water capacity, maintain our beautiful grounds, and reduce their water rates,” he said.

The proactive decision is particularly timely. During COVID-19 restrictions, many people in the broader community have been tending to their gardens and water usage has increased.

Not only does the dam upgrade adhere to Logan City Council’s water-wise ethos but it will sustain the community of 177 residents well into the future, and allows them to enjoy stunning surrounds without draining natural resources.

“The dam is the only source of water we use to irrigate the village grounds and gardens,” said Mr Adams. “We capture rainwater from 40 villas and this feeds into the dam. We estimate that by expanding its width and depth, we’ve added another 150,000 litres, or two months, to our water capacity.

“As a community, we do a raft of other things to conserve water. In addition to the dam, our Head Gardener plants drought-resistant plants that require less water, and mulches often to keep moisture in the soil. We also fill our pool from our rainwater tank.

“In the 18 months I’ve been Village Manager, we got down to having about four days of water left in the dam. It’s satisfying to know that as a community, we’ve made an environmental decision to future-proof our gardens and help safeguard us in times of drought.

“The dam is one of the hallmarks of our village and our residents are very proud of the gardens. From the clubhouse, you have a picturesque view of the dam over the pool and the lush parkland.”

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