Family the catalyst to friendship at Riverina Gums

For resident Margaret Post, following a family member to live at Riverina Gums Retirement Village led to many new and unexpected friendships.

Margaret has lived at Riverina Gums for two years, after joining her sister-in-law Von at the village and discovering the friendly community atmosphere.

“The people are so lovely,” Margaret said.

“I knew two or three people when I came here, and now I just get on with everybody so well.”

Acting Village Manager, Anne Jack, said building a strong community atmosphere is central to the Riverina Gums philosophy.

“Margaret and Von settled in and got to know everyone quickly,” Anne said.

“They got involved with the community and it’s been great to see.”

Social activities, community and security are the biggest advantages of village life, Margaret said.

“There are plenty of things to do if you want to do them,” Margaret said.

“Security is a big thing, and I also like to know that people are there that I can talk to.”

With residents’ needs at the forefront of everything that happens at the village, Riverina Gums staff focus on providing a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere for all to enjoy.

“The staff are just so lovely to everybody,” Margaret said.

“If you need anything done, they will help you.”

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