Feel the love this Mother’s Day

The world has changed markedly over the past couple of months, which means we need to come up with new and creative ideas to stay connected and mark special occasions. Mother’s Day is synonymous with spending family time together. So how can you celebrate together, while apart? No matter whether you want to honour your own motherhood journey, your adult children, your wife or your mum, we’ve put together some ideas to get you started.

Virtual get-together. This is where technology comes in handy. If your family usually has a Mother’s Day brunch or picnic, you could re-create that experience using FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. You could even schedule a virtual cooking session, where you both cook the same dish – from different kitchens! – while on a video call. Share photos of your finished culinary creations afterwards and see how they differ. If you’re not familiar with making video calls, check out the government’s Be Connected website, which has free training videos to guide you through.

Pay it forward. There are many mums in the village who won’t be able to see their families on Mother’s Day, which could make for a fairly subdued experience. Perhaps you could celebrate your neighbours and lift their sprits with a small gift, cut flower from your garden, or homemade card – it doesn’t need to be elaborate, but the simple act of letting them know you’re thinking of them is sure to be treasured.

Inter-generational artwork. Some of the best pieces of art are home-made with love. Why not suggest that your loved ones make a colourful artwork from their handprints? There are lots of nifty and creative ways of doing this, including cutting out shapes, painting, and embroidering the prints onto a pillow.

Scrapbook it. Speaking of multiple generations, this might be a great time to reflect on your own mother and share those memories with your family. You could pull out some photo albums, scrapbook some ideas, or post a photo on Facebook to honour your mother. What makes (or made) her special? What are some of your favourite memories of growing up, and how did you celebrate Mother’s Day as a child, if you celebrated at all?

Game night. If you’re a board game aficionado, you could have a virtual family games night. There are plenty of games available on your phone’s App Store, like Words with Friends (a version of Scrabble), Monopoly and Cluedo, some of which charge a small fee to download. Tabletopia also has over 800 board games online, and you can create a virtual ‘room’ in which your family can play. There’s a monthly subscription fee if you want to play more than two games a month.

Travel the world. If you love art and travel, why not ‘visit’ some of the most inspiring galleries and museums from around the globe this Mother’s Day? Without leaving your living room, you can experience some of the world’s best art via the Google Arts and Culture app. Take virtual tours of the Museé d’Orsay in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence – along with 1,200 more! You can zoom in on iconic artworks, see collections curated by time and colour, or even immerse yourself in amazing gardens.

Plan for the future. When social distancing restrictions are lifted, what do you most want to do with your family? The coronavirus crisis has brought enormous tragedy, but it’s also crystallised what’s most important in life. Now could be a great time to focus on the experiences you want to have in the future, and the memories you want to create. After all, it’s our stories and experiences that will endure and see us through these trying times.

Drop a hint. If you have something a little more concrete in mind, like flowers, books or craft, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together some ideas to inspire your family members this Mother’s Day! Be sure to let your family know if anything takes your fancy.

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