Finding a perfect place to retire both now and later

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Norm and Nola Whyburn discovered that life at Tarragal Glen Retirement Village was the perfect choice when they moved in 10 years ago, and it’s continued to be ideal as their care needs have changed.

On Anzac Day 2019, Norm Whyburn, a former senior officer in the Australia Air Force collapsed during a long Anzac service and suffered injuries, including some broken ribs. Thankfully for Norm and his wife Nola, they were living in the perfect place to receive support and care in their own home.

“I’m very involved as a patron of an ex-service organisation and it was a very hot Anzac Day, with no wind. It just got to me and right near the end of the service I keeled over. I hurt my ribs,” says Norm.

“When we finally got home, Nola called the girls on the care team and they came up to help, it was no trouble at all.”

Enjoying retirement now

A few years earlier, Norm and Nola had chosen to make their home at Tarragal Glen Retirement Village. They were living nearby in a four bedroom house with a large garden that was becoming increasingly difficult to look after. They decided it was time to downsize somewhere where they could enjoy their retirement, but also stay connected to their community.

“We went around the Central Coast and looked at quite a few villages and decided at the end of 2011 that we’d come to Tarragal Glen and have a look around. It had everything we wanted, we had our shopping centre next door to us, which is a bit unfortunate sometimes for personal reasons,” Norm says laughing. “We have our doctor just outside the gates and the church we go to just down the road, which meant we could come in here and not really change our lifestyle from where we were.”

When the couple first moved into the village, they loved having the gardening and maintenance team take care of everything. Instead of worrying about the mowing, they could focus on enjoying their retirement.

“We moved in and had no problems at all. It was quite easy really. There are so many activities, every day of the week! They run a recent movie every month in country club, social events and dinners. The country club has just about every activity you could want, including things such as bowls, card games, gym and much more. In fact, if you can name it, you can have it,” Norm explains.

Older happy couple
Nola and Norm love life at Tarragal Glen.

A bit of extra help for later

As the years have passed, there have been times when the Whyburns needed some support and care, and the RetireAustralia Home Care team have stepped in and helped make things easier.

“At one stage we needed some care and we got in touch with the care team and they came up here,” Norm explains.

“We now get what we need,” says Nola.

The assistance from the care team was vital after Norm’s Anzac Day accident. Norm and Nola were quickly able to access care in their own villa, which was a big relief for the couple.

“When I had the accident a few years ago in 2019, the people in the care team were absolutely marvellous. They came up here and showered me and made the bed, which took a big load of Nola,” says Norm.

Even after Norm had recovered, they still use the care team to make their life easier and more enjoyable. The care team have become more than helpers to them, they’ve become trusted friends.

“Now we get fortnightly cleaning in our villa, through the care team at RetireAustralia. We’ve never been let down by the care people in the five years since we started with them.

“We had Susan doing the cleaning until she retired, we told her she wasn’t allowed to retire. She actually became a good friend and we still keep in contact with her. She was absolutely out of this world as far as cleaning goes,” says Norm.

Peace of mind

Knowing that care is at hand if they need it, gives Norm and Nola a sense of security and comfort. Unfortunately, Norm suffered another accident in July 2022, hurting his arm, wrist and ribs. While feeling a little sore and tender, he hasn’t needed help so far, but knowing it’s there if they require it is a relief for both Nola and Norm.

“It’s peace of mind. If we need it, we can get meals from the kitchen and the care team deliver them. You couldn’t want for anything better than that!’ says Norm.

“It’s been terrible for him, but never mind! It’s his left hand and arm that’s injured, so he can still make the coffee and do some chores!” says Nola chuckling. “The earlier he gets moving, the better for his rehabilitation.”

Norm and Nola have never regretted the choice they made a decade ago to move to Tarragal Glen, as they’ve had support every step of the way. They say they’ve found their home for the rest of their lives.

“We’re not going anywhere!” says Norm. “One of the best things about the RetireAustralia care team is you know you’ve got security with them, you know that everything is going to be OK.”


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