Getting ready for retirement

From common contract types to the benefits of community living, RetireAustralia’s new program covers all aspects of life in a retirement village.

The five-week email guide, ‘Retire Ready’, was created as a free decision-making resource for older Australians and family members who are considering a retirement village.

More than 450 people have already signed up to receive comprehensive information around five key topics along with bonus tools like quizzes, village comparison checklists and a downsizing to-do list.

While Retire Ready is upfront about the benefits of retirement village living for those who crave social connection or need a helping hand, its primary aim is to give readers the tools to make the right choice for their individual circumstances and needs.

According to the 2013 McCrindle Baynes Village Census, 75 per cent of surveyed residents were happy with their decision to move into a retirement village and would make the same choice again.

RetireAustralia hopes to drive this figure up by educating residents and their family about the costs and benefits of village living.

Chief Executive Officer Alison Quinn said the Retirement Living Council’s eight-point action plan to improve retirement village standards was a catalyst for the creation of Retire Ready.

Released in August, the action plan ensures future retirement village residents are more informed about their choice by improving village contracts, staff training and marketing practices.

“Clarity and certainty are more important than ever for residents, and Retire Ready is designed to provide these things and more,” Alison said.

“We are dedicated to improving the standards of marketing and operation of our villages, and Retire Ready is a big part of that.”

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