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The lasting relationships formed between staff and residents are some of the most valued aspects of life in our communities

Muriel Spencer RetireAustralia

To our residents, staff members often feel like family.

A familiar and friendly face at Tarragal Glen is Muriel Spencer, whose keen knowledge and willingness to help have proven invaluable to many.

How long have you worked at Tarragal Glen?
I’ve been here for ten years as Senior Sales Consultant. Prior to that, I spent five years at Glengara. I came up from Sydney in 1990 when my kids were little and the whole area had that ‘holiday’ feeling. That feeling hasn’t changed.

What makes the Central Coast a great place to live?
There’s none of the hustle and bustle of Sydney or the big capital cities. It’s got that beautiful, summery, beach-y feel, and you feel like you’re on holiday all the time.

What are the biggest benefits of village life?
The main one is friendship, particularly for single people. You can join in as much as you want. Another is the fact our residents don’t need lawnmowers or ladders–we do all maintenance. If the air-conditioning or hot water system dies, we fix it or replace it. Another is the peace of mind people get from a village that is safe and secure.

What are the best aspects of the new sales contract?
The exit fee is based on the incoming purchase price, so you know the exact amount you are going to get back from the start, and service fees are fixed. There’s also a guaranteed buyback clause, which is gold, because how many times do you hear of a village that can’t sell a property for over two years? I think the clause is a benchmark within the industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The satisfaction of meeting lovely people who are looking for their new homes, and being able to help them find it. I build up a lovely rapport with people who have had so many life experiences and I get to hear their stories, and can feel like a part of them finding their new home. It’s a really lovely, rewarding feeling.

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