Newling Gardens welcomes new bus stop

A new bus stop at the entrance of Newling Gardens Retirement Village has been met with widespread praise from village residents and neighbours.

Bus Driver Low Res

Village Manager Sharron Chappell said that the new stop was the result of a successful petition to the Armidale Regional Council and would have an immense impact on many of the village’s residents.

“Upon seeing a need for this service, I joined with Edwards Coaches to petition the local council for an additional stop at the entrance of our village,” said Sharron.

“We are delighted with the positive outcome and that those of our residents who don’t drive now have easy access to necessary services and local attractions.”

“Many of our residents are active members of the Armidale community with strong links to volunteering and community groups, and easy, affordable transport is essential to staying connected and engaged.”

The local Armidale to South Hill loop service now stops at Newling Gardens’ Taylor St entrance six times a day on weekdays and twice on Saturdays.

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