Pre-schoolers and seniors share fun times at Wisteria Grove

Residents of Wisteria Grove proved that age is just a number when children from Emali Broadview Early Learning Centre paid them a visit this week.

Emali Broadview Children And Wisteria Grove Seniors

Nine pre-schoolers from the centre visited their senior neighbours to play games, sing songs, enjoy crafts, and share a love of learning.

Village Manager Debra Grant said residents enjoyed the youthful energy brought to the village.

“The kids introduced themselves with a song, we played with balloons, and finished off with a story,” she said.

“It was great fun for everyone!”

Meghan Holst, Assistant Director of Emali Broadview Early Learning Centre, said the children greatly enjoyed the visit.

“The kids were really excited to meet all the residents and were able to talk to them really confidently,” she said.

“They were excited to learn about where they live.”

A 2016 Stanford University study showed that seniors and children spending time together cultivates a sense of purpose and extends benefits both ways.

The success of the day has seen all parties agree to visits on a monthly basis.

“We’ll be bringing different groups of children to visit the residents on an ongoing basis,” Meghan said.

Wisteria Grove resident Wayne Bridgart composed a poem in honour of the visit:

The Meeting of Generations
By Wayne Bridgart
One day in summer,
The children came around.
Balloons were in evidence,
The seniors were amazed.
Many children moving around,
Conversation was at a premium,
As all played around.
A happy time for all,
At this happy event.
Seniors and children mixing,
Enjoying life to the full.
The smiles on both,
Were amazing to see.
The meeting of generations,
For all to see.
Sage advice for one and all,
The communication and enjoyment were there for one and all.

For more information about Wisteria Grove, click here.

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