Reconnect with your partner in retirement

Even with the time and freedom that retirement brings, it can be difficult to rekindle the romance, but all it takes is a bit of effort, patience and determination to put that spark back into your relationship.

Keep reading for a few ideas on how to revitalise your relationship with your partner in your retirement years.

Date night/day

Is there a movie you’ve been eager to see or a restaurant you’ve wanted to try? Dates are not restricted to new, young couples anymore and they are a fantastic way to experience something new together. Put aside one day or night each week to spend with your partner and brainstorm what you would like to do. If you find yourself struggling for date ideas, there are plenty of lists online to help you out. Print the list out, cut them up and shuffle them in a hat – then on the day, pick out a date idea from the hat!

Turning the tables

As a family or a couple, you may have slipped into a daily routine to simply ‘get the job done’. However, without the stresses of children or work to focus on, there’s no better time to mix up the schedules and do something different. This can be as small as switching who does the cooking or dishes or larger scale changes like going on a holiday together. This change of routine can be very refreshing and invigorating for couples and you may even discover (after all these years) a secret talent that your partner has been hiding.

Look through old photos

This is a very simple and inexpensive activity but the sentimental worth can be invaluable. Photos are a fantastic way to remind each other of the life you have built together, the hurdles you have overcome and the adventures you have been on. Put aside one afternoon to go through old images of your lives together – it may even inspire you to get your favourite images printed and framed!

Everyday kindness

As the years go by, the simple, loving gestures that were present at the beginning of your relationship may be less frequent. It’s important to remind your loved one of their importance in your life and it can be very easy to brighten their day through small actions. This could be giving them flowers for no reason, sweet notes left around the house, cooking your partner’s favourite dish or simply remembering to say ‘I love you’!

Retirement brings on many changes and it’s vital to remember your partner in the process. View it as an exciting opportunity to re-invigorate the relationship and remind yourself of the person you fell in love with.

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