Rekindling a friendship after 20 years

When Mervyn Haese and Leo Moore worked together at Adelaide’s tyre outlet M.S. McLeod in Adelaide, little did they know that their paths would cross more than two decades later at Wisteria Grove Retirement Village.

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Both gentlemen were salesmen: Mervyn sold Dunlop, Goodyear and Olympic tyres whilst Leo was the ‘Michelin Man’, selling Michelin tyres exclusively.

After working with the company for 30 years, Mervyn retired and eventually moved into a supported living apartment at Wisteria Grove.

“I was told a man was moving into one of the apartments and that his name was Leo,” Mervyn says.

“With quite a few ‘Leos’ in Adelaide, I didn’t take much notice at the time.”

Supported living residents at Wisteria regularly meet at the village’s elegant community centre where they socialise and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner together and it was at the dining table that Leo and Mervyn were introduced.

The pair were chatting for some time before Leo asked Mervyn his last name and then realised who he was!

“Seeing Leo was an unexpected pleasure. I remember when he started working at M.S. McLeod all those years ago,” Mervyn says.

“We hit it off almost immediately and we always got on very well together. I can’t image where the time has gone.”

“Leo is a perfect gentleman, a man I would trust anywhere!”

As time goes by, we can reflect and appreciate the value of meeting new acquaintances and rekindling old friendships that allow us an opportunity to reminisce in retirement.

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