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If music is food for the soul, then Rick Spice has sustained the spirits of music fans for decades.

Rick Spice Noyea Riverside Retirement Village

Before moving to Noyea Riverside four years ago, the singer, multi-instrumentalist and comedian lived an eventful life in the limelight, with nationwide touring, radio and television featuring on his rock ‘n’ roll résumé.

At school, Sydney-born Rick joined the choir and learned guitar, saxophone and drums before his performing skills earned him a radio job at 2UW working on the popular program, Bobby Limb’s Teenage Club.

“Bobby was the compere and saxophone player, along with Dawn Lake, and I would get up and do a couple of songs—it was all live on air,” Rick said.

While Rick focuses his array of talents on self-recording and gifting CDs to friends, his great potential as a young musician saw him invited to play with a multi-million-selling recording artist.

“One night I had a phone call and was told to be at such-and-such a place and that I would be working with Winifred Atwell,” he said.

“At the end we had a good old chat and she thanked me for coming along.”

While playing a gig in Melbourne, Rick and his band were headhunted and a move north followed.

“There was a talent scout from the Surfers Paradise Hotel in the audience one night, and he asked us to come up,” he said.

“We stayed for five-and-a-half years.

“In the middle of that we did a six-week tour of all the American Air Force bases in Japan.”

After a stint heading up his own band at the Gold Coast’s Miami Hotel, he went on tour as a stand-up comic, playing clubs all over Australia.

“I’ve been very lucky.”

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