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Introducing RetireAustralia’s new sales contract

Moving into a retirement village is a big decision and it’s important to us that you and your family members have certainty and peace of mind from the very beginning.

In response to your feedback, we’ve simplified our financial model and designed an innovative new sales contract that’s now available in all leasehold and licence villages in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

How our new contract gives you financial certainty:

  • Exit/departure fee capped at 35% of entry price
  • Fixed village fees for life
  • 21-day cooling off period and 90-day settling-in period
  • No reinstatement, refurbishment or sales and marketing fees when you leave
  • Capped village fees while your unit is on the market
  • Guaranteed buyback after 12 months (6 months in NSW)
  • Protection from property market fluctuations with no capital loss or gain

When you buy 

When you first make the decision to move into a retirement village, it can be difficult to understand the long-term costs.

Our new exit/departure fee structure is capped at 35% of the price you pay for your unit so that you can calculate exactly how much money you’ll receive after you leave before you even move in. We also offer a cooling off period and a settling-in period in case you find that the village isn’t right for you. 

While you live with us

Retirement is a time to focus on the things you enjoy most, but it’s tough when you don’t know how much money you’ll have from one year to the next. 

We guarantee that your village fees will be fixed upon entry and will not increase while you’re living in the unit. This means you can confidently plan holidays, hobbies and other expenses around a fixed monthly cost.

When you leave

Leaving the village may be a challenging time for you and your family, so we want to make the process as stress-free as possible.

We will prepare your unit for sale at no cost to you (except in circumstances of exceptional wear and tear) and our professional sales and marketing team will sell it in the shortest possible timeframe without charging any fees.

After your unit is on the market for a certain period of time, we’ll reduce your village fees, and if we haven’t sold your unit within a set timeframe, we’ll buy it back from you.



Use our exit entitlement calculator to determine what your exit entitlement will be under our new sales contract.

Please enter a valid amount.

Please select the number of years.

Based on the information you entered and the features of our new contract:

Your sales and marketing fee will be  $0

Your reinstatement or refurbishment fee will be  $0

Your exit/departure fee will be  $

Your exit entitlement will be  $

Entry Price: $400,000



10%: $40,000



22%: $40,000



35%: $40,000



35%: $40,000

Exit entitlement

Exit/Deferred Management fee

Please note: RetireAustralia’s new contract applies to independent living units in our leasehold and licence villages. If you are interested in a care apartment or a strata village, our salespeople may be able to provide a general estimate of your exit entitlement over the phone – please call your chosen village’s sales team for more information.


Our new contract is available on independent living units in the following villages:

Queensland: Carlyle GardensCleveland ManorDrayton VillasWellington Manor

New South Wales: Boambee Gardens, Forresters Beach, GlengaraMurray Gardens, Newling Gardens, Riverina GumsTarragal Glen, Wood Glen

South Australia: Bartonvale Gardens, Glengowrie, Harwin, Lincoln Grove, Magill, Scarborough Mews, Spring Grove, Tea Tree Gardens, The Laurels, Torrens Grove, Wisteria Grove


Useful links

Information brochures (Queensland, New South Wales, Newling Gardens, South Australia)

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Consult the full contract for all terms and conditions.