Navigating the pathway to funded home care

Being able to access the right level of support is key to maintaining your independence and living life on your own terms. 

RetireAustralia is introducing government-funded care services in our four Central Coast villages, with plans to expand to other villages in the future. We will be consulting with residents throughout this process to ensure our enhanced care offering meets their needs and preferences. 

The pathway to accessing home care packages and other government funding can be complex and overwhelming and our trained team is here to help you through the process. 

How we can help

Steps to funded care:

RetireAustralia can:

1. You can access government-funded support at home through four levels of consumer-directed, coordinated packages through the Home Care Packages Program.

Work through the government-issued “Your Guide to Home Care Package Services” brochure with you to help you understand the available services, eligibility requirements and relevant financial information. We are happy to include your family in this discussion. 

Assess your current and potential future support needs in order to help you maintain your independence.

2. Entry to government-funded care through My Aged Care. 

Sit with you as you call My Aged Care or lodge an online application

3. An Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) visit in your home is required as part of the entry pathway to a funded Home Care Package. My Aged Care will book the assessment.

Attend your ACAS visit (upon request).

4. If you are not a full pensioner, you may be required to pay an Income Tested Care Fee. This will be assessed by the Department of Human Services.

Assist you in completing the online Care Fee Estimator. Assist you in completing an Income Assessment Form and submitting it to the DHS.

5. After the ACAS assessment, you will receive a letter about the funded care support you are eligible for and advising you have been added to the National Wait List for a Home Care Package.

Assist you with interim services as required while you wait for a Home Care Package. Contact My Aged Care to determine your place on the National Wait List or advise them if your needs change.

6. When you receive your referral number for a Home Care Package, you will have 56 days to enter into an agreement with a Home Care Provider.

Talk to you about RetireAustralia’s care services and how we can flexibly meet your goals and needs. 

Enter into a Home Care Agreement with you and activate your Home Care Package funding within the allocated time frame.

Work with you to ensure our support services respect your autonomy and choices. We will listen to you and deliver the services you want when you want them. 

Help you to manage your home care funding budget in the way you want the funds spent.

Register your interest to find out more about our funded care services:

For specific information about the services available in our villages, please call 1800 992 063 or email