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Meet our residents

Pamela, Cleveland Manor, Quensland

For Cleveland Manor Retirement Village residents Pamela and Kath, it’s difficult to pick just one thing that makes village life so appealing.

“From the moment I walked into Cleveland Manor, I knew I wanted to live here,” Pamela said.

“I felt welcomed by the staff, and I looked around and I felt the maintenance was up to date. I loved the fact that it’s like a little gated community, and at night I feel very secure.”

Kath agrees, citing a number of factors that drew her to life at the village.

“It’s a mixture of things,” Kath said. “It’s the environment, the relaxed feeling, the lovely surrounds that you’re in, the people you mix with: it’s all managed very well.”

“It’s the comfort of walking round in a very nice atmosphere when I go for walks of a morning,” Kath added. “Knowing that you’re mixing with like-minded people of a similar age group. There’s entertainment if you want it. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.”

Both Pamela and Kath said the community focus and plentiful options for socialising greatly enrich their village experience.

“It’s a beautiful community,” Pamela said. “I feel like I live in a big family. I think we all have each other’s backs when needed, without losing our privacy. So there’s a lot to like.”

“I haven’t met everybody, but I certainly will get to know all of them as I mix more in the different activities,” Kath said. “I’m very glad I made the move and that I now live at Cleveland Manor.”