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Tips for quality foot care

Foot, ankle and lower limb conditions can cause discomfort and pain, and profoundly affect the way many people go about their everyday lives.

Podiatry photo - Retire Australia

As we get older, taking care of our ankles and feet is more important than ever.

Erica Dash Podiatry, situated at Erina on the Central Coast, have been experts in the field since 1993, and suggest taking the following action to keep foot and ankle problems to a minimum:

  • Maintain a healthy flow of blood to the feet by ensuring adequate nutrients are delivered to the blood via a healthy diet
  • Be aware of the quality of sensation in the feet at all times – if the perception of sensation drops or if you suffer trauma of the feet, seek professional advice
  • Monitor ongoing muscle strength of the feet, and if muscle strength is weakened or feels different for any reason, seek professional advice
  • It is important for our bodies that joints are aligned in the correct position, as feet absorb shock from the ground as we walk. If any problems with feet alignment are observed, seek professional advice
  • Skin and nail conditions are numerous and varied, and can be both painful and aesthetically disconcerting. If any conditions appear which cause concern, seek professional advice

Good foot care helps us to keep active, make the most of our retirement in comfort, and get on with the important things in life. If you have any concerns with any of the issues mentioned above, contact your podiatrist.

For more information on quality foot care, visit Erica Dash Podiatry’s website at or call 02 4367 0177

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