Pat finds her forever home at Glengara Care

After a nasty fall, Pat and her family realised that she needed some extra care and support, but they were unsure of what that would involve. Pat’s daughter, Kim, didn’t believe that residential aged care would be right for her mother, so they kept looking until they discovered Glengara Care on the NSW Central Coast.

“When it was first brought to my attention that maybe Mum should come into care, I was dead against it,” says Kim. “I didn’t feel she needed the care, but fortunately my brother said just have a look at the place. After the visit, the first thing I did was call my husband and say we cannot offer her the same type of care as she’ll get here. So, I was on board immediately after that.”

Life for 86-year-old Pat is now good as she receives the support she needs, but still retains her independence. Meanwhile her family have peace of mind that she’s being well cared for and is enjoying her life.

“I have a wonderful life. After the nasty fall, I couldn’t walk properly,” says Pat. “I was so happy when I discovered Glengara Care and I thank God every night. They [My family] know if I fall, someone’s there. They know I can just touch the button and they will come.”


What is Glengara Care and the care journey?

Glengara Care is an alternative to traditional residential aged care, featuring care apartments, located within the Glengara Retirement Village. Each apartment is secure and offers a private space with the freedom to entertain family and friends or simply relax. Residents have their individual care needs met with tailored services by a qualified team.

“It is state-of-the-art independent living,” explains Care Manager, Josh Campbell. “The difference between Glengara Care and serviced apartments is our unique model. We are a registered nurse-led model and we can provide that higher level of care that you likely wouldn’t find in the service apartment environment.”

Kim agrees that Pat gets the care she needs and the family are comforted that knowing she is being looked after, even when things don’t go to plan.

“Glengara Care is definitely first class. Mum did get unwell at some point and the care that they gave her was excellent. I had daily updates of how she was doing and just knew that her recovery was going to be so much faster than if it was if she was on her own,” says Kim. “She is very happy here and she still has her independence. It’s just such a comforting feeling for us knowing that she’s just so well looked after here.”

At Glengara Care, team members adapt to the needs of each resident as their care requirements increase or change.

Josh explains: “At Glengara Care we have a continuum of care. We can follow the client on their care journey as their care needs increase from low to high care. We can assist them and support them throughout that journey.”


Free and easy

For Pat, living somewhere that feels like home and being surrounded by people who look after her is what makes life so good. Pat doesn’t have to worry about mundane chores, she can just focus on what matters most to her.

“They’ve got nurses here and they’ve always got someone to come in to see if you’re all right,” says Pat. “And once a week they will do everything for you, clean your room, do all your washing and go shopping. They take me out on the bus and it’s free. It’s just like being at home, but you don’t do the work. I feel wonderful! Free!”

Freedom and independence is a key feature of what makes Glengara Care special. Residents are encouraged to design what their life looks like – from the décor of the apartment to how they structure their day.

“It was really good that we were able to bring Mum’s furniture in – her bed, her lounge and set it up the way that she’s comfortable with,” says Kim.

“I like my own bed, and they say but it’s low, I said ‘yes but I’m short’,” laughs Pat.

Josh agrees that residents being in control of their own choices make Glengara Care a special place to be.

“I love seeing everybody living the way that they have always lived,” says Josh. “Making their own choices, deciding what their life looks like on a day-to-day basis. It’s a huge part of what gets me up out of bed every day and what continues to fulfil me in my role and what keeps bringing me to work every day.”



Glengara Care manager Josh loves looking after residents like Pat.

No place like home

For Pat, Glengara Care is home. A place where she intends on happily spending the rest of her life.

“It’s just a wonderful, beautiful place. They watch over you. They laugh with you. They cry with you. They’re wonderful people and anyone that comes here will be very lucky to live here,” says Pat.

“I think everybody deserves to be happy but here you are. This will be my forever home. I never want to leave it – ever!”

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