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“If I have put a smile on someone’s face or helped someone, that’s a goal achieved for me,” says Kamil Sater, Care Manager at the Care Hub at The Verge at Burleigh. Luckily for Kamil, he’s kicking goals every day in his role, as he’s often described as kind and caring by the residents and team members at the village on the Gold Coast. 

The Care Hub is an alternative to aged care, set in an intimate and homelike care environment catering for a maximum of 10 people at a time. Staffed 24/7 with nurses and qualified carers, the Care Hub offers a high level of care for short-term respite stays through to end-of-life care.   

It takes a special person to devote their time to caring for people, but Kamil says it brings him great joy to ensure the residents are well looked after. From complex situations where he is supporting a resident to receive the right kind of assistance or being there at end of life, to the more frivolous days when he shares a laugh or dresses up, Kamil always puts residents first. 

Journey of care

As a child, Kamil was the one running to the aid of the person who had fallen over to make sure they were alright. He’s always been a caring, compassionate person who has loved helping people, so a career in aged care felt like a natural progression. 

“I’ve been in aged care since I was 16. I left school and went straight to become a personal care assistant. I then did my uni degree, and I worked as a registered nurse in the hospital system,” says Kamil. “My background is in cardiology, emergency and critical care work. I also worked at Glengara Care as a Clinical Case Manager and Care Manager before I took on the role at the Care Hub.” 

Previously working at the RetireAustralia owned and operated Glengara Care in the Glengara Retirement Village has provided Kamil the perfect stepping-stone for his current role. The care apartments on the Central Coast NSW are supported 24 hours a day by a nurse-led team, but still have all the comforts of home. The residents have the freedom to live life on their terms and not to a timetable. Unlike aged care facilities, couples can live together even if only one of them needs care and support. 

Kamil believes that his roles at both the Care Hub and Glengara Care have been the perfect fit for him, from the fulfilling interactions he has with residents to the committed teams he works with. 

“I love that I come in every day and the residents have smiles on their faces. They’re living an independent life and they’ve got support and care if they need it. It’s very fulfilling as they all seem so happy. The team are very happy here too and have such a good work ethic. They all just get along really well.” 

Something different

Having worked for many years in aged care, Glengara Care’s point of difference by providing residents their independence and active participation in their care choices is something that Kamil loves.

“I love the fact that Glengara Care is their home. You know, it’s not a nursing home where you have to do this, at this time. It’s a place where we do our outmost to maintain the residents’ independence and encourage them to do what they can do for themselves.

“The residents are very much in control of their care, and I love the fact that it’s very consumer-directed care here. We sit with the residents, and ask them when they want things, what they like to do, all the things that are important to them and we implement services and strategies so we can ensure we can provide what they want, when they want it.”

For Kamil, the combination of clinical and managerial aspects of his role at Glengara Care has provided him with the perfect balance in his work life.

“I like it because I’m still involved in providing clinical component, but i am also managing a team as well, which I really enjoy,” says Kamil. “I didn’t think management was something that I wanted to do, and it never crossed my mind during uni or anything like that. I’ve always wanted to be that big shot ICU nurse and then I came here and I’m like, no, this is where I need to be. I’m now studying for a Masters in Health Leadership.”

Nurse and residents
Residents enjoy the care they receive.

Meaningful moments

For Kamil, being involved with the residents and helping them live the lives they want is an incredible privilege. Even in the times of sadness the most meaningful parts of his role occur.

“One of our residents at started at Tarragal Manor [serviced apartments at Tarragal Glen Retirement Village] and moved across to Glengara Care. She deteriorated during her time here to the point where she needed palliation. So, we were with her during her final chapter. We were able to support her with her end-of-life wishes, let her be in her own home and provide her comfort and care right here. The staff were amazing and to be able to support a resident to have an end-of- life experience in line with their preferences is special,” says Kamil.

“The kindness and compassion that the team had for both her and her family was incredible. While people may view it as morbid, it can also be a beautiful thing, because it’s their wishes at the end of the day and if we can meet those wishes then we’ve done an amazing job.”


Away from work

On the weekends, Kamil still has enough energy to get out and explore nature, which is one of his most favourite things to do.

“I love going on road trips and I like to go hiking. My family are campers, so we try and go on camping trips regularly, which is amazing. We go anywhere and everywhere,” Kamil says with a grin.

To help wind down and recharge, Kamil loves spending time with his family, who also work in aged care, thanks to his influence. His mum started training in aged care about a year after Kamil and his sister followed on soon after.

“It’s good to be able to have that understanding and we can share our experiences. We can debrief and help each other when we need it.” says Kamil. “Mum and I sit and crochet together, it’s a new hobby that we have. It’s great to share with it my mum, we sit and crochet and watch movies together!”

Kamil and his dogs Nova and Jupiter.

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