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Care Apartments

Access the support you need

When you need a helping hand or the comforting knowledge that someone is there to help, RetireAustralia’s care apartments are the perfect option.

Live in a spacious, private apartment housed within the village’s community centre, allowing easy access to activities, social events and our dedicated 24 hour on-site staff. You’re free to lead your own life and be as involved or as private as you like with the benefit of added security and peace of mind.

All of RetireAustralia’s care apartments accommodate couples, because we know that staying together is top priority for many of our residents with changing needs.

In our care apartments, you’ll receive domestic and care support, including cleaning, linen laundry and freshly prepared meals, and can tailor services to suit your individual needs. Selected villages also offer personal care services such as assistance with showering, dressing and taking medication.

Care apartments are perfect for those who value their independence but are ready for a greater level of assistance with daily tasks.

What are the benefits?

24 hour on-site staff

Find peace of mind in the knowledge that support is always there if you need it.

Apartment cleaning

Put your feet up and relax while your apartment cleaning is taken care of.

Communal facilities

Enjoy the use of shared spaces for personal recreation and village events and activities.

Linen laundry

Let staff take care of washing your sheets and towels and replacing them for you.

Nutritious meals

Enjoy having fresh and tasty meals prepared for you by an on-site cook/chef each day.

Social calendar

Live amongst like-minded friends and take part in as much or as little as you want to.

“When my husband died I was lonely and not eating properly – usual old story. I hate cooking for myself so I decided to move into a care apartment where I knew I could have a lovely apartment and be as free as I like. I didn’t realise it was going to be so very pleasant to be waited on every day but be independent still. It’s like a hotel!”

Daphne Suffield, care apartment resident since 2013

Which villages offer care apartments?

Find our more about our services

Living in a care apartment means having access to a wide range of services so that each day is as rewarding and relaxing as possible.


Feature properties offering care apartments:

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