Researching retirement villages can prompt a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common we receive.


A retirement village is a residential community that is specifically designed and built for older people. Generally, retirement village residents are retired from full-time work and are 65 years of age or older.

Retirement villages are different from aged care and are suited to residents who are reasonably independent, although many RetireAustralia communities offer both independent living and serviced apartments for those needing added support.

Retirement villages are legislated in each state by the State Government.

RetireAustralia is a leading owner, operator and developer of quality retirement villages in Australia. Founded in 2006, we’re committed to making retirement as good as it can be for older Australians.

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We currently have 28 retirement villages across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Find a RetireAustralia community near you.

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Generally, residents must be at least 60 years old. However, the homes, facilities and services in a retirement village are designed to cater to the needs of older residents and tend to attract residents aged 70 and over. At RetireAustralia, our average entry age is 78 years old.

Apart from ordinary living costs, there are three main costs associated with living in a retirement village:

  • Entry payment: the upfront price you pay to live in your home
  • Village fees: ongoing service fees to cover the cost of operation of the village
  • Exit/departure fee: a fee, generally a percentage of your entry payment, retained by the operator to cover their investment in and improvements to the village

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There are three main types of ownership agreement: leasehold, licence and strata. More than 85% of RetireAustralia’s villages offer leasehold / licence agreements, which involve a long-term lease with no stamp duty or body corporate fees.

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Retirement village residents are secure, friendly environments where all residents are long-term owner-occupiers at a similar stage of life. To maintain this standard for every resident in our villages, RetireAustralia does not allow residents to rent out their homes.

To maintain the benefits of safety and familiarity provided by an owner-occupied community, RetireAustralia does not offer rentals in any of our villages. However, if you’d like to sample village life to help decide whether it’s right for you, selected RetireAustralia villages offer a 28-day Care Experience.

We know pets are an important part of our residents’ lives and families, which is why they are welcome to move in with their owners in the majority of our villages. To find out whether a particular RetireAustralia village welcomes pets, look out for the snapshot on the village page or contact the village manager.

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Yes – your dwelling in the village is your home and you are more than welcome to invite guests to stay for short periods of time.

Unlike the rooms in an aged care facility, RetireAustralia’s serviced apartments are designed to accommodate either couples or singles. For couples with differing care needs who require different living arrangements, the central location of our serviced apartments within the village makes staying connected easy.