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A happy home by the sea

As a former police officer, city councillor, and travelling bikie (of sorts), Lincoln Grove resident Bill Richter has had an eclectic life, but has always been drawn back to his seaside home at Port Lincoln.

RetireAustralia Lincoln Grove Retirement Village Bill Richter
Bill Richter

After joining the police force in Adelaide aged 19, Bill spent time in the motorcycle squad, underwater recovery squad, crime scene investigation, and homicide, before moving to Port Lincoln to be officer in charge of criminal investigations.

Here he found his home.

“In those days you were only allowed to stay at a station for five years, and my boss said it was about time I was getting back to Adelaide,” Bill said.

“Instead, I organised to stay in Port Lincoln as it’s such a lovely place to live, as I like sailing, shooting, fishing, and all those outdoor things that are accessible here.”

Bill and his partner Denise then founded a security company, which they ran for 13 years, and Bill became a city councillor, before leaving to travel extensively around the country.

“We took a caravan up the centre of the country and down the west coast, then up to Broken Hill and all the way north through Queensland as far as you can go,” Bill said.

“When we came back, we bought a new house but then noticed Lincoln Grove being built,” Bill said.

“We made some enquiries, and quickly put down our deposit and sold the house – it was the best move we ever made.”

Bill is chairman of the residents committee, swims and does aqua aerobics to keep active, and gives computer lessons to fellow residents.

“The social aspect is great and we’re all part of a big family,” Bill said.

“We’ve got a magnificent community centre that looks out over the harbour and the bay – it’s a great spot.”

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