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Meet our residents

RetireAustralia Wellington Manor Retirement Village

Daphne & Ruth, Wellington Manor, Queensland

For Wellington Manor Retirement Village residents Daphne and Ruth, friendship and security are the biggest benefits of village life.

Residents at the village for nine and 16 years respectively, the pair say that the community-focused atmosphere and peace of mind provided by a stress-free environment are the things they value most.

“There’s a lot of lovely people here,” Daphne said. “Ruth and I are very good friends, and we’ve generally got a lot of other lovely friends here. We’re as happy as we can be. Friendship and companionship are very important.”

A wide range of activities offers Wellington Manor residents plenty of opportunities to choose their level of involvement.

“We’ve done short bus trips, and we’ve done other lovely week-long holidays,” Ruth said. “We did a cruise on the Murray River, and that included a flight over Lake Eyre and lovely things like that.”

“Security is a big thing,” Daphne added. “You don’t have to worry about security, and I think it gives the family peace of mind to know that we’re safe.”