Are you bored in retirement?

If you were to tell anyone that you felt bored or under-stimulated in retirement, they would tell you you’re crazy. ‘Retirement is for relaxation’ they would say. But for some, retirement is not always the shining light at the end of the tunnel, but a confusing new path to navigate.

Settling into retirement can be especially challenging for those who have gone from having a busy schedule to a quieter lifestyle. However, for those who may not dream of the cookie-cutter retirement, this article outlines some new ventures and pursuits that are sure to keep you engaged.

Start a new business

This may not be a popular idea for many retirees who have just left the rat-race but for those seeking a different kind of fulfillment, and now have time to pursue the idea, starting a business can be exciting and stimulating. This can be as small as setting up an online shop or blog, tutoring or for the really ambitious, a shop front.


You’re never too old to learn and there are many learning and development providers out there offering courses on whatever it is you wish to learn. Some popular courses include graphic design, learning a language, public speaking, cooking, making coffee or accounting. One provider that caters specifically to the older demographic is The University of the Third Age, which offers free courses and is open to all older members of the community. There are no academic requirements for membership and no exams. Other options include TAFE, university or private study providers, such as Coffee School.

Go on a health & wellness retreat

For the busy folk out there, health and wellness may have taken a back seat as life became more and more jam-packed. Retirement provides a great opportunity to reflect on your overall health and there are retreats out there tailored to those adjusting to significant life changes. After all the years of caring for your family, it’s time to look after yourself and it’s equally important to reflect on the transition that is happening in your life.
Settling into retirement may not come so easily to some as it does to others, and as with any big life change, it requires time to adjust. If the traditional idea of retirement doesn’t quite appeal to you, take the time to explore the types of activities that really make you happy and have fun doing them!

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