New advertising campaign challenges how Australians perceive aged care

One of Australia’s leading retirement village operators is challenging the concept of aged care in a new advertising campaign that asks viewers to think about what real care looks like.

The ‘Your Care Factor’ campaign features confronting vision that compares the challenges of older Australians staying alone in their homes to those who receive hands-on care and support.

The digital and local television ad campaign is for Glengara Care, RetireAustralia operated aged care apartments at Tumbi Umbi on NSW’s Central Coast.

The advertisement juxtaposes elderly people struggling with loneliness, isolation and mobility – a grim reality faced by many older Australians – against Glengara Care residents being served nutritious meals prepared by a chef, enjoying social activities with friends and family, and living independent lives in their luxury, modern apartments.

RetireAustralia CEO Brett Robinson said the ‘Your Care Factor’ ad campaign was designed to break the mould in aged care advertising.

“We know the ad will be provocative because it challenges the viewer to think about what real care looks like for those we love,” Mr Robinson said.

“People often have pre-conceived ideas of what aged care looks like, and many consider it a last resort.

“We wanted to lead the charge in challenging those preconceptions by creating an advertising campaign vastly different to the aged care ads people are used to seeing.”

Mr Robinson said it was important to illustrate how Glengara Care offered a genuine alternative to aged care that offered residents a rich and fulfilling life.

“Glengara Care offers a true alternative – one that goes beyond ticking boxes of basic care criteria like having your groceries delivered, and instead offers an advanced level of care that supports the whole individual, with an emphasis on maintaining their dignity and independence,” he said.

That means living in an apartment home in a community, rather than just a room, and having freedom of choice when it comes to lifestyle and schedule.

“It was important to us to show that Glengara Care doesn’t look or feel like a nursing home. It’s a community, but one with all levels of care available,” Mr Robinson said.

“We know our residents have worked hard in their lives and we want them and their loved ones to expect real care and an enjoyable supported lifestyle.

“Why give up all the things that fulfill your life? We think our residents have earned so much more than that.”

Glengara Care has 70 care apartments, and offers regular events and activities for its residents, as well as a 24-hour care team and respite care. More than half of these apartments are already sold.

The advertising campaign, made with creative agency New Word Order and production company Two Little Films, will run as a digital campaign, as well as on Central Coast TV networks from 1 June.

Watch the ad here:

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