Senior Artists’ Exhibition gives older artists a real opportunity to show their work

Older artists, who traditionally find it difficult to have their work exhibited, now have an outlet with a new exhibition highlighting the work of over-65s.

The Senior Artists’ Exhibition 2022 is giving older artists a real opportunity to share their work with the public, with dozens of retirees having their artwork professionally curated and sold at no cost at the event.

The over-65s from across the Southern Eyre Peninsula have submitted a variety of artwork, including paintings and sculptures, for the exhibition which runs until April 1 at Port Lincoln’s Nautilus Arts Centre (NAC).

Presented by RetireAustralia, owner/operator of Lincoln Grove Retirement Village, the exhibition also aims to improve seniors’ mental health and wellbeing by providing them with an opportunity to be creative while connecting with like-minded people.

Nautilus Arts Centre coordinator Sue Roesler said there was a real need for the exhibition.

“Older artists can be overlooked and may not have the same outlets to show their work,” she said.

“There are quality pieces at the exhibition. We have already sold several pieces and we expect many more will be sold.”

Retiree Jenny Sundelius has relished the opportunity to create art for the exhibition.

“I am self-taught and love the time I spend painting. It is so relaxing and with some background music the creativity flows,” she said.

“It gives a real boost to your mental wellbeing. I work on my paintings until I am happy and hope that other people will also enjoy my creativity.”

While entrants have the chance to become the People’s Choice certificate winner, the exhibition was never really designed to be a competition.

“The exhibition was created as a way to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of our seniors,” Lincoln Grove Community Engagement Consultant Janet Grocke said.

“Painting and sculpting are great ways to take your mind off the worrries of everyday life and studies have shown that activities like painting and sculpting help reduce stress levels.

“As Pablo Picasso once said, ‘art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


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