Respite care – a helping hand when you need it most

Life is full of challenges – and at times we all need a helping hand. Thankfully there’s a solution for some of these situations – respite care.

Glengara Care Respite

Perhaps you are recovering from major surgery or complicated health issues. And because you live alone, you’re wondering how you are going to cope with all the little things like cooking and cleaning, let alone changing bandages.

Alternatively, maybe you’re a carer for a family member.  This can be one of the most demanding jobs of all. You may just need some valuable space to rest and recharge – because everyone needs a holiday!

At Glengara Care, we offer short-term respite care for all of these circumstances and much, much more.  In addition, you won’t need ACAT/ACAS approval to qualify for respite care with us.

‘A five-star hotel without the cost’

While our residents and guests are assured the highest quality of care during their stay, we also go to extra effort to ensure those in our care feel special and valued.

Some of those who’ve stayed with us have even described it as a “five-star hotel without the cost’’.

Anne Cleaton, who booked in for respite care while recovering from an operation, says she was most impressed with the “pampering’’ she received – allowing her to return home happy and healthier.

“I had an operation and since I live alone I knew once I left hospital it would be difficult for me to function and get my own meals,’’ Anne said.

“Respite was the best way for me to go for two weeks. It was really good because everything was done for you.

“A respite stay at Glengara Care gives you the space to recover.’’

Anne said that no task appeared too hard for the friendly, caring staff.

“It was all of the little things that the staff did for me,’’ she said. “I was on a walking frame which was very difficult.

“Being in Glengara Care, a lot of the little things like making the bed were done for me.

“I left dishes in the sink one day and I came back into my apartment and they had been washed up and put away. The staff were so caring.

“Go and have a look round. If they aren’t too busy, one of the staff will show you over the complex. It’s like a five-star hotel without the cost.’’

Think of it as a vacation

While you stay with us, you will receive a registered nurse-led model of care and 24/7 assistance from our dedicated, on site care team.

Your own private care apartment is beautifully furnished and has a lockable door for additional privacy. Live at your own pace, and stay for as little as 14 nights or as long as six weeks.

Respite care can also be the best way to experience all the benefits of living in a Glengara Care apartment and can offer peace of mind for those who might be considering making the move permanent.

This respite service allows you to experience the Glengara Care community and all of Glengara village’s stunning facilities. Treat your time here as a relaxed and supported vacation, for both you and your caregiver.

Enjoy the beautiful gardens, relax in our comfortable lounge and get involved in community life. Activities vary from billiards and bowls to movie nights and craft afternoons.

Discover life in our beautiful Glengara Care community and experience the benefits of short-term respite care. Call 1800 955 070 or click here.

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