Use our exit entitlement calculator to determine what your exit entitlement will be under our independent living residence contract for leasehold and licence villages.

Your exit entitlement is the amount of money you will get back after making your deferred payment fee upon leaving the village.

The way your deferred payment fee is calculated will differ depending on your individual contract; under our independent living residence contract, offered in our leasehold and licence villages, it is 35% of the entry payment.

This calculator does not apply to resident contracts in strata title villages. For information specific to strata title villages click here or call our team on 1300 687 738.

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    Based on the information you entered:

    Your exit entitlement will be  $

    Your sales and marketing fee will be  $0

    Your reinstatement fee will be  $0

    Your deferred payment will be  $

    Here’s what your exit entitlement will be over any length of time in the village, based on your entry price of $400,000

    YEAR 1


    10%: $40,000

    YEAR 2


    22%: $40,000

    YEAR 3


    35%: $40,000

    YEAR 4+


    35%: $40,000

    Exit entitlement

    Deferred payment

    RetireAustralia’s independent living residence contract applies to independent living units in our leasehold and licence villages. For information about the features of our residence contracts for strata title villages or serviced apartments, call us on 1300 687 738 and one of our team members will be in touch.