The benefits of private respite care

Carers dedicate their lives to looking after their loved ones, but sometimes they need some respite so they can look after themselves.

Carers dedicate their lives to looking after their loved ones, but sometimes they need some respite so they can look after themselves.

Respite care provides a break for carers by allowing someone else to do the caring for a short period of time.  It is also useful for people who live in their own home but temporarily need a little extra care, perhaps to recover from an injury or illness.

Whatever the reason for their stay, each respite guest at Glengara Care is made to feel right at home and assured the highest quality of care.


What is respite care?

Respite care gives both a senior and their carer a break from their usual care arrangements.

It can be provided by a respite service or family and friends, and can happen in the home, or in a facility such as a community centre or residential care.

The length of care can also vary. For instance, respite care can be a regular arrangement for a few hours a week or for a longer period such as a weekend.


When you may consider respite care

  • Illness or surgery recovery: If you live in your own home but need a little extra care in the short-term – perhaps to recover from illness, injury or a hospital stay – respite care could be the answer.
  • Carers take a break: Caring for a loved one can be very rewarding, but it can also be physically and emotionally tough at times. While you love what you do and who you care for, it’s essential that you have a break sometimes. Taking time out to relax, recharge or even just attend to everyday activities is vital to ensuring your own health and wellbeing.


Respite care at Glengara

At Glengara Care, you can stay in a care apartment for as few as 14 nights or up to six weeks. This gives you the opportunity to recuperate, away from home, chores, and cooking. By letting us look after you, you can focus on what’s most important – getting better.

We will take care of everything, including cooking, cleaning, shower assistance, dressing, medication support, and more. You can feel confident in knowing that our care team are on-site and alert 24 hours a day.

Glengara Care is a registered nurse-led model of care and we pride ourselves in offering our residents nursing-home level care in their own luxurious, private home.

Each apartment includes an ensuite, living and dining area, kitchenette, and outdoor space. It truly is aged care like you’ve never seen it before.

Our respite offering is 24/7 care for a short-period of time in one of our care apartments. Before you move in, our care manager will sit down with you to design your own personalised care plan.

In addition, you won’t need ACAT/ACAS approval to qualify for respite care with us.


Glengara Care residents

Why choose Glengara Care?

The first thing you’ll notice about Glengara Care is how much it feels like home, and it’s no coincidence – we’ve very carefully designed it this way.

While our residents and respite guests are assured the highest quality of care from our qualified nurses during their stay, we also go to the extra effort to ensure those in our care feel special and valued.

Glengara Care is not a hospital, and it’s nothing like traditional aged care facilities.

It’s been purpose-built within the heart of our beautiful Glengara Retirement Village, which offers a great lifestyle and a warm, connected community. Between our residents and staff, nobody ever feels isolated at Glengara Care and there is never a shortage of things to do and people to talk to.

Respite residents have access to around the clock care from on-site care staff, the opportunity to participate in community activities, and enjoy daily cooked meals prepared by our professional chef.

Respite residents will live alongside our Glengara Care residents and will quickly become a part of our welcoming community.


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Trialling the good life

Respite care can also be the best way to experience all the benefits of living in a Glengara Care apartment and can offer peace of mind for those who might be considering making the move permanent.

This respite service allows you to experience the Glengara Care community and all Glengara village’s stunning facilities. Treat your time here as a relaxed and supported holiday, for both you and your caregiver.

Enjoy the beautiful gardens, relax in our comfortable lounge and get involved in community life. Activities vary from billiards and bowls to movie nights and craft afternoons.


Benefits of respite care at Glengara

  1. A private, secure space: The majority of respite offers are single rooms with a lockable door and ensuite. We offer a spacious one-bedroom apartment with beautiful furnishings and fit offs.
  2. Couples can stay together: A very common situation is the primary carer needs a break, however they feel guilty about putting their partner into respite. By having the ability to stay with their partner while they get the care and support, both are able to fully relax and recover. Most other respite offerings do not allow for couples to stay together.
  3. Tailored services and independent living: We really support the respite resident to continue to live independently as much as possible. That means the resident chooses when they want to eat, have a tailored care plan and decides when they receive care to how involved/social they want to be in the community. We also offer white linen service which means that the respite resident doesn’t have any stress of daily chores and has all the time to focus on recovering and recuperating.
  4. Companionship and social activities: With the diversional therapist curating a diverse and interesting social calendar of activities, this is available for respite residents to get involved with if they so choose. There is a range of options to suit different people with the focus on getting them involved with the community.
  5. High quality food: Something that really sets Glengara Care apart is the food experience. Chef-prepared, nutritious and delicious food is served every day. Seasonal, fresh and balanced recipes will definitely impress any respite residents. Our residents can choose to eat in the dining room or in the privacy of their care apartment.
  6. Access to facilities: There is so much on offer within the established Glengara Retirement Village that respite residents are able to access. From the onsite coffee shop to the swimming pool. Residents can invite their families to spend the day with them while using the facilities.


If you’re considering respite care for yourself or a loved one, talk to us and see if Glengara Care is right for you.


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