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Here’s a sneak peek of village life at our retirement communities across Australia. While every village is unique, they have one thing in common – a good news story to share.

Around the world in 80 seconds

“I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new.” – Jules Verne (Around the World in Eighty Days, 1873).

In this case, Belrose Country Club residents ‘travelled’ from the comfort of their village to see a familiar sight. Their means of travel was a little less familiar (and COVID safe!) as they used new technologies to re-discover their childhood home. Care apartment residents virtually soared across the globe to land in front of the home in which they grew up...

Max the therapy dog brings maximum happiness at Bartonvale

They say dogs are a man’s – and woman’s! – best friend. Research shows that our canine companions can boost mental health and wellbeing, reduce loneliness, and enrich our lives. For living proof of this, we need look no further than Max, an affectionate puppy belonging to Bartonvale Gardens Village Manager Robyn Bennett.

Max visits the village twice a week, much to the joy of many residents. One resident in particular, Christine, has struck up the most spectacular friendship with the red cavoodle...

Creativity blossoms in spring

As the weather warms and a kaleidoscope of colour bursts into bloom, Rosemary Nisted at Boambee Gardens has captured the scene in her latest poem:

The buds of spring

an old
at bees
leapt out
of bud

The Friendship Challenge sparks community spirit at Bartonvale

Good friendships are timeless – but in a time of social distancing, they benefit from a little creativity, clever thinking and a dash of fun.

That’s where the garden group at Bartonvale Retirement Villages comes in. They invented a brand new board game for residents called “The Friendship Challenge”, fashioned with floral flair, hardboard and colourful paint.

The hand-made board depicts a brightly coloured flower in between two tree trunks, symbolising the foundations of a solid friendship...

Barry from Boambee brings the banter

Barry from Boambee Gardens is a pun-loving wordsmith with a gift for penning wonderfully witty poems and short stories. Here is one of his latest, aptly titled, ‘A Poem’:

Just listen to this author, as I read my newest writing.
I read so well than no one here could ever think I’m skiting.
Words that don’t make lots of sense when printed on their own
Have a different meaning when printed in a poem.

Rosemary writes: Spring in 2020

Rosemary Nisted at Boambee Gardens evokes the “very strange” times we’re living through in 2020, in one of her recent poems.

The lockdown house

I must go out
this silent house rebukes me
out to walk and walk

where eucalyptus leaves turn grey against the
sky and in deep valleys tiny creeks run round the
roots of massed and towering palms and I may
tilt my head to see the sky between the fronds

where damp soil and mossy banks hide shy
flowers and far away there waits the lyre bird’s
cry a different silence there that soothes the soul
its emptiness a contrast to the barren silence
that I feel at home...

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