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Meet our residents

RetireAustralia Wellington Manor Retirement Village

Daphne & Ruth, Wellington Manor, Queensland

For Wellington Manor Retirement Village residents Daphne and Ruth, friendship and security are the biggest benefits of village life.

Residents at the village for 9 and 16 years respectively, the pair say that the community-focused atmosphere and peace of mind provided by a stress-free environment are the things they value most.

“There’s a lot of lovely people here,” Daphne said. “Ruth and I are very good friends, and we’ve generally got a lot of other lovely friends here. We’re as happy as we can be. Friendship and companionship are very important.”

A wide range of activities offers Wellington Manor residents plenty of opportunities to choose their level of involvement.

“We’ve done short bus trips, and we’ve done other lovely week-long holidays,” Ruth said. “We did a cruise on the Murray River, and that included a flight over Lake Eyre and lovely things like that.”

“Security is a big thing,” Daphne added. “You don’t have to worry about security, and I think it gives the family peace of mind to know that we’re safe.”