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Meet our residents

RetireAustralia Glengara Retirement Village

Pat & Jenny, Glengara, New South Wales

Friendship and community are some of the most important things in retirement, and perhaps nobody embodies this idea as strongly as Pat and Jenny, residents at Glengara Retirement Village on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

The pair have been close friends after moving into the village over 14 years and 12 years ago, respectively, and both enjoy being involved in village activities.

“I play bowls twice a week,” Jenny said. “I do water aerobics in our village pool. I do yoga at the local senior citizens club.”

“We all socialise together,” Pat said. “We go out every Thursday night together. We have dinner and birthday parties together. I didn’t think, when I moved in, that I would have such a fantastic life and friends as I do.”

The supportive and friendly atmosphere at Glengara adds huge value to village life, Jenny and Pat said.

“It’s a great lifestyle,” Jenny said. “You’re silly if you don’t move into a village because you’re buying a lifestyle.”

“It’s the best lifestyle you can ever have,” Pat continues. “You’ve got the support of people around you – if you need it they’re there for you. It’s fantastic”

Needless to say, both feel strongly about their decision to move to the village.

“Best decision we ever made, to live here,” Jenny said.