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Seniors gain balance and independence by walking

Don’t let rain, hail, age or arthritis stop you from keeping your independence and balance! A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society analysed the effects of an 18 month exercise program on balance among seniors with knee osteoarthritis.

The study showed that when seniors regularly walked or weight trained over a period of 18 months their balance and stability significantly improved.

Doris Herbert, Ina Stacey, Val James & Harry VellaTarragal Glen residents Doris Herbert, Ina Stacey, Val James & Harry Vella

How Do You Improve Balance?
Long-term walking or weight training improves balance for seniors especially those with osteoarthritis who will benefit greatly from this simple addition to their lifestyle regime.

If you are active for 15-30 mins everyday, your joints and muscles will thank you. Improved coordination, confidence with walking, independence with mobility, fewer falls and stronger muscles are the bare minimum of what you will achieve with long-term walking or weight training.

It’s never too late to start being active and even those who are suffering from osteoarthritis or other ailments can join a walking group.

What Do You Need?
Just a pair of walking shoes. Even though weight training is also highly recommended, walking is a great place to start as it doesn’t involve money, a special room or equipment to perform the activity.

Free Heart Foundation Walk
If you’re finding it difficult to get started, try recruiting a buddy and walk around your friendly retirement village or joining a regular walking group like the Heart Foundation walking program.

There’s just no excuse for not walking today so let’s get our lives active, balanced and independent. Start by visiting to find out if your local area has a free Heart Foundation walking program.

Dr Shannon Casinto visits Tarragal Glen Retirement Village weekly to encourage village residents to ‘get moving’ at their weekly Heart Foundation walking activity. The schedule is below:

  • When: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 11:30 – 11:55am
  • Level: Easy
  • Where: Tarragal Glen Retirement Village.

Dr Shannon Casinto is a chiropractor and trained Heart Foundation walk organiser who created ‘Let’s Get Moving Erina’ in 2013. Dr Casinto believes that movement is the keystone to empowering individuals to achieving better overall health, fall prevention, socialising within the community, and much more.

You can contact Dr Casinto by email or

DR.Shannon Casinto with resident Val James during Heart Foundation WalkDr Shannon Casinto with resident Val James during Heart Foundation Walk

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