Why a retirement village can help you feel secure

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Retirement villages offer a unique and attractive accommodation and lifestyle option for older adults. These communities are designed to provide residents with a safe and secure environment that promotes independent living, social connection, and peace of mind.

Feeling safe and secure in a retirement village is a top priority for both residents and their families. These communities are specifically designed to provide a sense of safety. We take a look at some of the key factors that contribute to that feeling of security.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

All of RetireAustralia’s retirement villages are equipped with personal emergency response systems (PERS) in individual units. This allows residents to call for immediate help in case of accidents or medical emergencies. This gives great peace of mind, knowing that assistance is just a button press away.

Strong community

The sense of community in a retirement village means that residents often look out for one another. Neighbours become friends, and this social network can provide comfort and assistance during challenging times. Our residents often tell us that they feel secure knowing that there is a friendly face nearby.

“I’m scared of being on my own, so it’s peace of mind being here. I’m so relaxed and feel safe and secure,” says Tina, a resident at Magill Retirement Village. “Whatever happens I’m never going to be alone here. The same goes for other people who live here, if anyone needs anything, they can knock on the door at any time, but we don’t live in each other’s pockets.”

Onsite team

Having an onsite Village Manager and village team, provides a sense of safety knowing that there is someone there to look out for the community.

“I like the help, the handyman is very helpful,” says Ann from Magill Retirement Village. “The staff listen to you and try to do as much as they can. We’re very fortunate to have our Village Manager Kelly here, she’s wonderful.”

Have an onsite village team helps residents to feel secure.

Maintenance and repairs

Retirement villages typically take care of maintenance and repairs in around the village and in common areas. This ensures that the environment is well-maintained, reducing the risk of accidents or issues related to neglected maintenance.

Home Care

We all want to stay safely in our own homes for as long as possible, having access to quality Home Care allows for this.

RetireAustralia Home Care and our Home Care partners offer a range of tailored services including domestic assistance, transport, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication management and lots more. Getting assistance from a trusted and familiar face can make day-to-day life easier and give you peace of mind. The cost of Home Care can be funded privately or, subject to eligibility, by a government-funded Home Care Package.

“At one stage, we needed some care and we got in touch with the care team and they came up here,” explains Norm, a resident at Tarragal Glen Retirement Village. “We now get what we need. One of the best things about the RetireAustralia care team is you know you’ve got security with them, you know that everything is going to be OK.”


Home Care services in a range of forms, depending on what's needed to support residents.

Financial security

Financial certainty is one of the attributes that many people find attractive about retirement villages. The majority of RetireAustralia’s villages are leasehold or licence villages where we offer an independent living residence contract. With this contract, from the day you move in, you will know the outgoing payment you will receive. In uncertain times, you may find it comforting to know where you stand financially.

As mentioned, many residents love that there is a dedicated team who looks after things like home and garden maintenance and upkeep of common facilities. Your regular service charge will cover these costs and while these costs will increase from time to time, by law our charges are based on cost recovery only, meaning village operators cannot profit from them.

Convenient amenities

Many retirement villages offer on-site amenities which can include a gym, library, bowling green, bar, lounge and sometimes even dining options. These facilities make it more convenient for residents to enjoy a variety of activities right on their doorstep.

“Some of the residents are very busy,” says Jenny, a resident at Boambee Gardens Retirement Village. “There’s a lot of activity going on here, they’ve got painting groups, yoga groups, there’s bingo and table tennis, there’s quite a bit going on.”

Overall, retirement villages are designed to offer a safe and secure environment, which is why they are a popular choice for those seeking a worry-free retirement. The combination of a supportive community, and accessible services contributes to a strong sense of safety and wellbeing in these communities.

Living safe and secure in a retirement village is a top priority for these communities. With controlled access, surveillance, emergency response systems, and a supportive social network, residents can enjoy their retirement years with peace of mind. The amenities, maintenance services, and access to healthcare facilities further enhance the sense of security. So, for those looking to embrace a worry-free retirement, a retirement village might be the perfect choice.

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