‘New lease on life’ for siblings at Tarragal Manor

Trevor and Glenys Fist
Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing apart, as two siblings living at Erina’s Tarragal Glen Retirement Village have learned firsthand.
Since June 2015, Trevor and Glenis Fist have been living in matching serviced apartments at Tarragal Manor, and their close proximity has helped them to strengthen a close bond that has prevailed since childhood.
Trevor, the eldest of seven children, was the first to move into the village after a bout of ill health and says that he discovered a new lease of life at Tarragal Manor.
“Life here without worry is truly a joy!” he says.
After seeing Trevor’s new lifestyle and realising that her four-bedroom house was becoming too much work, youngest sibling Glenis decided to follow suit and downsize into a fully maintained serviced apartment.
Without the stress of household chores, both Trevor and Glenis have found that they have more time to spend doing the things they enjoy.
Each day, they sit down to lunch and dinner prepared by the Manor’s in-house chef and spend several hours chatting over coffee, watching AFL together or visiting friends in the local area.
“I don’t miss cooking for myself or the upkeep of a four-bedroom home,” Glenis says.
“My garden was my pride and joy, and I really enjoy Tarragal Glen’s delightfully kept gardens without having to do any of the hard work!”
Trevor agrees, “Now, we enjoy constant companionship and often go to church, Probus and other social activities together,” Trevor says.
“Since we’ve been living here, we’ve travelled to Tasmania twice to visit family and friends!”
The siblings agree that their newfound daily interaction has added a “priceless bonus” to everyday life and both look forward to enjoying many more years together at Tarragal Manor.

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