A little reminder to do the right thing

Robyn Anderson manages Murray Gardens Retirement Village in Albury on the New South Wales border with Victoria. She wrote a letter to the editor of the Border Mail reminding people who have to travel to Melbourne to self-isolate on their return.

“This week, we received the welcome news that many of our regional Victorian families will be able to visit each other again. At Murray Gardens, we have grandparents who will finally get to see their new grandchildren born during the pandemic.

It is encouraging to see restrictions easing. Our small community has sought to play its part in reigning in the spread of Coronavirus, and we have observed firsthand the emotional pain and suffering experienced by our residents and their families as they have been forced to stay apart.

Now that we are seeing some reprieve, it is vital that we work together to maintain it. To keep the easing of restrictions on track we would like to send a message to all seniors and their families in our community that may need to travel to Melbourne for health reasons.

Please keep in mind when you are in Melbourne that hospital staff are under enormous pressure. They will not always be aware of the border conditions, and the restrictions that remain in place here to keep our vulnerable local population safe.

You may not receive an explicit directive from the hospital to self-isolate when you return to our community, but it is vital that you do. We can’t wait for you to come home, but when you do, please go straight home and into 14 days of isolation. Please don’t make a quick trip to the shops or bank on the way home.

We know country people are independent and don’t like asking for help, but this is one of those times when help is necessary. The supermarkets are all delivering, as are many of the pharmacies. Our local businesses are amazing and they want to support you. Just ring them and see how they can help.”

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