A rewarding role

Leader, liaison, ambassador, confidante.

The variety of roles a village manager can fulfill on a daily basis requires the expertise and adaptability to deal with almost any scenario.

Overseeing staff, welcoming guests, organising activities, working with residents to improve village life—village managers do it all.

Wearing so many hats takes skill, and for Chiquita Walsh and Anne Jack, co-village managers at Murray Gardens since 2012, it’s all about having the right approach.

“We have this ethos that says we’re going to manage the village like every resident is our mum or dad,” Chiquita said.

Chiquita and Anne, the Retirement Living Council’s NSW Village Managers of the Year for 2017, have been lauded for improving services at Murray Gardens.

“We always come to work asking ourselves what we can make better,” Chiquita said.

“We want the best quality of care for our residents—we want to be the benchmark.”

A village manager’s top priority is always residents while also assuring families their loved ones are known and cared for.

While she doesn’t seek recognition for her work, Chiquita says it’s the little things that make the various challenges of being a village manager so worthwhile.

“When you get to work and there’s a ‘thank you’ card on your desk, you know you’ve helped someone by just listening to them.”

For more information about Murray Gardens, click here.

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